Pharmacy Technician (Diploma) - Memphis

Diploma Program
Contact Hours:
Semester Credits:
Instructional Weeks – Full Time:
Average Time to Complete – Full Time:
6 Months

Program offered at: Memphis, Tennessee

Pharmacy Technician (Diploma) Mission Statement

The program provides students with the theoretical knowledge, hands-on practical skills, and professional attributes required to obtain entry-level positions as Pharmacy Technicians. The program prepares students to successfully complete the exam(s) necessary for certification as a pharmacy technician.

Learning Objectives / Instructional Outcomes

The program includes courses covering mathematics and pharmacology. Learning objectives include achievement of sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical skills in compounding and delivery of drug products and maintaining records.

Career Overview

A properly trained Pharmacy Technician is a valuable asset in hospital, home health care, and retail environments. The Pharmacy Technician quite often assumes a central role in the compounding and delivery of drug products and in maintaining records. In addition, the Pharmacy Technician acts as an intermediary between the doctor and the pharmacist and between the pharmacist and the patient. Pharmacy Technicians play an important role in an area where accuracy and responsibility combined with compassion and empathy are of paramount importance.

In order to graduate from the Pharmacy Technician (Diploma) program, students must successfully complete the following curriculum: