Graduate Employment

Placement services are available at any Concorde Career Institute/College, owned by Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. The Graduate Employment staff will assist students in their career search throughout and upon successful completion of studies by offering information on career opportunities, temporary assignments, résumé preparation, and guidance in interviewing techniques. Professional development seminars are conducted throughout each program to assist students in developing their interpersonal skills. The following services are included: career overview at orientation, pre- and post-interview techniques, personalized skills matching, one-on-one résumé review, career progression tips and completion certificates for professional portfolios.

Concorde does not guarantee employment for its graduates. Graduates are considered to be partners with Concorde in their career search. Graduates are expected to maintain consistent communication with their graduate employment team during their job search. This procedure keeps the school informed of a graduate’s employment status and allows the school to keep the graduate current with career opportunities.