Dental Assisting (Diploma) - Southaven

Diploma Program
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8 Months

Program offered at: Southaven, Mississippi

Dental Assisting (Diploma) Mission Statement

The program prepares students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for success in an entry-level position. The program aims to guide students in developing proficiency, professionalism, empathy, and accurate technique while learning to interact professionally with dentists, coworkers, and patients.

Learning Objectives / Instructional Outcomes

The Dental Assisting program provides students with sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform efficiently in the professional capacity in an entry-level position. The program includes courses covering management skills, appointment scheduling, laboratory procedures, maintenance of patient records, chairside assistance, instructing patients in proper oral hygiene, and assisting in the selection, placement and removal of rubber dam, sutures, and periodontal packs.

Career Overview

The Dental Assistant makes an important contribution to the success of a dental practice as a valuable member of the dental healthcare team. The Dental Assistant’s responsibilities may include preparing patients for procedures, assisting the dentist with instrument transfer during procedures, maintaining treatment planning records, exposing and processing dental x-rays, reviewing oral hygiene and postoperative care instructions with patients, performing laboratory work, and managing such essential functions as inventory control, infection control and OSHA compliance. The Dental Assistant may also be called on to assist in the business office with filing records, preparing insurance reports, maintaining records on the computer, and scheduling appointments.

In order to graduate from the Dental Assisting (Diploma) program, students must successfully complete the following curriculum:

* These courses are offered online.

**A portion of these courses are offered online.  

This applies to all students starting on or after February 12, 2024

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