Attendance Requirements

Online education affords students great flexibility in managing their time. However, academic success requires that students engage in learning activities regularly and participate in meaningful interactions with faculty and fellow students. Specific daily attendance is not required for online courses, as it would be on a campus. Students are required, however, to log into their class regularly and submit assignments in a timely manner, or they may risk being withdrawn for lack of attendance.

For each course, initial attendance is recorded when a student logs into his or her class and completes a learning activity. Students who only view the syllabus but make no other substantive participation for the rest of the course are not considered enrolled. Attendance in subsequent weeks is recorded by a student completing a learning activity. The act of logging in each week does not constitute attendance; the student must participate by either engaging in the discussion board or submitting a graded assignment to be considered present for that week.

Once a student has logged into his or her class and completed a learning activity or assignment, he or she is considered officially enrolled in the course and expected to complete the entire course. Failure to post attendance for two consecutive weeks may subject the student to immediate withdrawal.

Coursework is assigned weekly. Students are expected to complete assignments according to the course outline. (Refer to the “Make-Up Work” policy for submitting missed coursework.) Students must show attendance within the first three days of the course, or they are subject to withdrawal from the course.